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If you’re new to Frame Personalised your first session is absolutely free. Your first session will identify any weaknesses or imbalances in your body. Every future session will be designed to create a strong base to develop from and achieve your goals.
PT is currently available in Shoreditch, Kings Cross and Queens Park. It is not currently available in Hammersmith, Fitzrovia or Victoria.


Once you’ve had your first free session, you can dive right in with a PT package (read on for more details) or pay as you go at £70 per session.


Once you’ve had your first free session, you can also book a block of 3 for the special intro price of £140. At just over £46 per session this works out at 30% cheaper than single session bookings.

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Have you hit a plateau, do you have a special date in your diary or are you aware of specific weaknesses you want to improve? Our Personal Trainers are here to take you to that next level. FRAME Personalised does exactly what it says on the tin. This is training unique to YOU. Your goals, your diary, your training plan & your results. FAST.

With the tailor-made FRAME Personalised approach and your hard work, you will create the best possible version of YOU.

Our FRAME Personalised Studios follow the same ethos as our classes, providing a comfortable and non-intimidating environment free from inflated muscles and egos.

With your first session free and great options for packages there’s a plan to suit every budget.


INTRO PACKAGE(3 for 2, to be used within 28 days of purchase): £140

(6 months to use)

OFF PEAK 11am-4pm

(6 months to use)


INTRO PACKAGE (3 for 2 to be used within 28 days of purchase): £160
(6 months to use)

THE DOWNSIZE PACKAGE costs just £300 and is perfect for those who need a little extra direction in their fitness regime, some help with perfecting technique to get the most out of their classes and some advice on nutrition to suit their body type.


1 x PT session and 2 x Frame Classes per week for 4 weeks.

The 4 week programme will start with a personal training session where you will meet your coach for the next 4 weeks. They will take you through a fitness assessment and discuss your goals and priorities. From this session they will put together a 4-week programme unique to you, which will include one personal training session and two Frame Classes each week. All sessions are redeemable across all our studios and with over 800 classes a week to choose from there will always be something to fit your busy schedule.

By the end of the 4 weeks you will have a much better grasp on what aspects of your fitness you need to work on, what classes at Frame you will get the most out of and a library of exercises to work on at home to help improve your weaker points. Your personal trainer will also help you with getting your nutrition back on track and altering any other areas of your lifestyle to help you look and feel the best you can.

Please email to book

THE TRANSFORMER PACKAGE priced at £480 is for those who want a bit more personal attention, are interested in lifting heavy weights and are really looking to achieve certain goals FAST.


2 x PT sessions and 1 x Frame Class per week for 4 weeks.

This package is for those who really mean it. You’ve probably got a date in your diary; a wedding, a party or perhaps event a half marathon. The package will start with a fitness assessment and chat through your goals with your personal trainer who is yours for the next 4 weeks. They will then put together a personalised programme for you for the next 4 weeks, which will include 2 sessions with them and a class at any of our Frame locations; King’s Cross, Shoreditch and Queen’s Park. If you really want to go for it, you can add in additional classes on top.
Your trainer will give you a nutritional plan to follow and will there with you every step of the way to make sure you can get where you want to be. The aim is that you’ll be provided with the tools you’ll need to continue your fitness journey once the programme is over.

Please email to book


Contact us today to book, enquire about your first free session or find out more.

Please include details on:

WHERE do you want to train? (Queens Park, Shoreditch or Kings Cross)
WHEN would you like your first taster session?
WHO would you like to train with? (check out the friendly faces below)
WHAT do you want to get out of personal training?




Lucia began her fitness journey through Martial Arts at the age of 17 and worked her way around a few disciplines. Moving into Aerial Skills, she mastered the art of using physical training to strengthen the mind and truly help clients reach their full potential in and out of the gym. Having worked with injury and medical conditions, she has a superb understanding of the body and also specialises in the management of Lower Back Pain. Lucia is a dynamo chick, totally driven to get the internal strength gains for her clients. Stott Pilates trained, Lucia has a strong focus on alignment, known for her precise, corrective techniques means anyone who works with her gets a new understanding of their body and its capabilities. The future will see Lucia as a Psychologist working in research, exploring the synergy between mind and body, which fascinates her every day.

If I wasn’t a trainer I’d be a… Dream Doctor.

My training style is… empowering and educational.

My favourite place in London for a stiff drink is… The Society Club on Cheshire street.

My ideal breakfast is… scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with mushrooms.

After work I… still don’t stop moving!

My favourite time of day is… sunset.

If I were a colour, I’d be… emerald green.

My favourite on the go snack is… a green apple and almonds.

My biggest release is… doing heavy deadlifts.


Charlotte is a vibrant and passionate Level 3 qualified Personal Trainer, Health and Fitness Blogger and bikini fitness athelete.

Charlotte is well equipped to create long term client training plans based on goals and barriers (perceived and/or actual) to training. She has great interpersonal skills and is highly motivational with clients and their training. Charlotte is able to transfer her taught knowledge as well as her own training experience to create innovative and creative workout plans to keep clients inspired

If I wasn’t a personal trainer i ’d be a… Photographer

My training style is… Innovative and creative

My ideal breakfast is… Nutella stuffed protein pancakes with almond butter and berries

The song that’s in heavy on my workout playlist… Stormzy’s Big For Your Boots

After work I… Train and eat porridge… ROCK AND ROLL!

My biggest release is… LEG DAY

You wouldn’t know that I… Gave up gymnastics to play the recorder… Nice one little Charlotte.

PT at Frame Shoreditch and Kings Cross

Debs is a PT who also has over 15 years experience of working in the rat race in both London and New York, so she knows how best to release the pressures and stresses that city living can create.

Her approach is to help you achieve your goals using methods that are balanced and promote wellness. Debs incorporates fitness into your life to complement your schedule and lifestyle.

Her programmes are a perfect fit for anyone wanting to develop or build a strong foundation in two aspects of fitness: your form, from a postural point of view and fitness level, whether it be that you want to increase your heart health, or your muscle tone.

Debs is currently studying to specialise in Lower Back Pain Management and STOTT Pilates.

My training style is… focused and progressive.

My ideal breakfast is… poached eggs with grilled mushrooms, halloumi and avocado.

If I were a colour, I’d be… rose gold.

My biggest release is… travelling.


DeeDee Harlow trains and competes in Muay Thai, and has a passion for boxing and martial arts.

An advanced level personal trainer and fight conditioning coach, she gets a real buzz from seeing peoples confidence develop as they learn a new skill, and their fitness improves.

Dee will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone, classes are results driven with emphasis on correct technique, but are always fun – expect to leave feeling sweaty and empowered!

With a background in yoga, Dee believes in a well rounded approach to fitness, developing not only strength and cardiovascular health but flexibility, coordination, balance and endurance.

After work I… Go for long walks with my wolf hybrid ‘Bodhi’

The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist is… anything by Vybz Kartel, I’m a big dancehall fan!


Personal trainer and fitness junkie Fran found workouts in early life, trading Barbie’s for Action Men, and has been getting her sweat on ever since. Fran uses a versatile and strong set of training methods to energise movement and empower kick ass feelings. Fran remains to be the undisputed ‘Queen of Metal’, building a feisty dose of deadlifts and kettle bells into her workouts. Fran’s classes are powerful, sweaty, high spirits, and a kick of explosive energy. She has made her love for feeling fabulous into her profession to drive others beyond their goals- helping them to explore their bodies, and push their limits. Fran is a firm believer that physical strength leads to mental strength, and impacts every area of your wellbeing. Come take her class, she’ll have you strutting up to that squat rack like you run this world.

If I wasn’t in Fitness, I’d…run a ski chalet in the Dolomites
My training style is…Go heavy!
My biggest vice is…coffee and posh boozy chocs


Glenn is an old-timer in the fitness Industry. His background is martial arts and he began work as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in 2007. Since then he has also studied yoga, Pilates and strength and conditioning broadening his knowledge on all aspects of training: cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, muscle development, strength training, prehab and rehab. Glenn has featured in major fitness magazines including Women’s Running and Ultra-Fit, written two fitness courses, presented at international conventions and tutors the next generation of fitness instructors in his spare time. Always with a smile on his face, his unrivalled passion and ability to deliver a challenging, progressive and fun session will have you working hard and smiling too – even at 6.30am! He is always around the studios so come and say hi!

The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist is…Anything by Limp Bizkit to lift weights, anything by Eric Prydz for other training

My favourite on the go snack is…
Cashew nuts and cappuccino

You wouldn’t know that I…
Speak Spanish


James trained as an actor and works professionally in Film, TV and theatre. He has been lucky enough to work with some of the worlds most renowned choreographers, movement directors and fitness coaches. This has enabled James to develop knowledge from all aspects of the Health and Fitness world. With a real focus on excellent technique, great posture and alignment and total fitness, James’ philosophy is that fitness is not just about ‘getting ripped’ or ‘pumping iron’, its about getting you looking and, just as importantly, FEELING great, confident, powerful and sexy! Don’t be fooled, although always smiling and looking for the fun in things, he’ll make you get your sweat on in his classes and PT sessions so if its the perfect balance of cardio, strength and flexibility that your after, then James is your man!

If I wasn’t an actor I’d be a… lawyer or chef
My training style is…Total Fitness- cardio, strength and flexibility
My favourite place in London for a stiff drink…anywhere on the Southbank


8 years in the industry and still going at it. Working with many different studios, gyms and fitness companies across London from Stratford to Shepherd’s Bush, London Bridge to Holborn. I like to train clients for strength and body composition, so it getting strong and looking and feeling good about yourself is what you want, we will get on very well. Aside from fitness I love my food and drink and this plays a big part in my life. I’m a fairly creative person and my senses need tantalizing through new tastes, sounds and experiences. I love to learn and being qualified in many different areas of the fitness industry gives me a big scope and has driven me to reach for newer heights with my education. I am a qualified personal trainer, indoor cycling instructor, kettlebells and functional training instructor, food intolerance practitioner, a mentor as well as a sports massage therapist too! I’m also embarking on my Precision Nutrition Level 1 qualification too. I’m fun, empathetic and driven to see clients work towards their goals.

If I wasn’t a personal trainer I’d be… a chef.
My training style is… go hard and go heavy! Aim to break the rules and break the PB’s!
My ideal breakfast is… protein pancakes… lots of protein pancakes.
The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist is… the A-trax remix of Disclosure, Magnets.
After work I… reflect on my day and the wonderful people that I met


Jasmine is a master in creative bodyweight training. She trains predominantly within this discipline and can challenge any man to a pull up and press up competition. Her journey in fitness began over 15 years ago when she landed her first job as a fitness instructor. Over the years, she trained in various different disciplines before discovering calisthenics/bodyweight training.

As someone who started her calisthenics journey as a novice and built up her strength through countless hours of consistent training, she has an expert knowledge in coaching people at all levels of their fitness journey. She is also equipped with the knowledge to safely train soon to be mothers through their pregnancy and after.

She trains her clients predominantly in calisthenics with a mixture of functional training and main power lifts to build strength, endurance and really get that heart rate going. She is a specialist in transforming every day humans into their own superheroes and although she may be pint size, her sessions pack a punch.

If I wasn’t a personal trainer… I’d be an Editor

My training style is… A mix of high intensity calisthenics, functional training and powerlifting

My ideal breakfast is… Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon

The song that’s in heavy rotation on my workout playlist is… Unstoppable by Sia

My favourite on the go snack is a… Quest Bar

You wouldn’t know that… I have an identical twin sister

My biggest vice is… Spending too much money on gym kit


Keith is a former American college level Athlete that specializes in using a functional blend of high-level calisthenics and body weight exercises to meet fitness needs.

Being a disciple of this type of training for 5 years has allowed Keith to develop a proven formula that allows individuals to achieve maximum results when improving their overall muscular strength, endurance and fitness.

If I wasn’t a fitness instructor I’d be… an actor
My training style is… high level calisthenics and body weight movement
You wouldn’t know that I am… a quarter Japanese


Robb has always loved sport – especially basketball, his big childhood passion. But it wasn’t until he unwittingly gained entry into the London Marathon in 2007 that his relationship with exercise took more than just a perfunctory capacity. He lost two stone, gave up the office job, qualified as a personal trainer and running coach and fully embraced exercise as a way of life. He now shares his love of training at Frame. But don’t feel too intimidated… we can reveal that his impressive immersion in the good life does not diminish his love of desserts, chocolate and a drink or two.

My training style is…Firm, but encouraging

My biggest release is…Mastur..I mean, running

You wouldn’t know that about me…I have a tattoo of bugs bunny on my arse


An advanced personal trainer with over 20 years within the leisure industry, fitness has always been my biggest passion and has changed my life… I feel truly privileged to now share my knowledge and experience with my clients helping them to achieve the best body, shape and mental focus. I will help you push yourselves that little bit harder each time , in order to get the results that you so desire with a combination of fun, energetic and bespoke training sessions.

I will also help you with a long -term balanced eating plan that will help you achieve your goals a lot faster and for a life time.

My favourite colour is…
Yellow ( it reminds me of the lovely sandy beaches were I grew up in Mauritius!)
My little weakness is…
Loving to party !
I snack on…
Almonds, I love nuts!

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