#FuelYourFrame with our delish selection of menu items from protein bowls to power-packed smoothies

Fuel your Frame before or after you MOVE it, or pop in and enjoy one of our delish menu items ‘just because’. Keep an eye on our ever-expanding menu. Your eyes and Instagram account will thank you.

The full Fuel at Frame cafe menu is available across all our studios.

Order a smoothie/juice before class and have it ready waiting for you when

The Green one

you’re bright red in the face and quite frankly, knackered.

The Framer

Supercharge your next move with coconut oil coffee…

All of the coffee

And help your hangover with a ginger shot – yes it really works!

Hangover-saving Ginger Shot

Mornings are for our Acai Bowl full of fruit, honey and superfood Bee Pollen

Warm up your Frame with The Cuddler- our version of a healthy hot chocolate.

Sit down to some life-changing protein pancakes and our Frame Toast.

Or #FuelYourFrame to the brim with our famous Frame Fuel Bowl

*Our Frame Fuel Bowl changes bi-weekly
*We’re always coming up with tasty new sippers