Frame Gift Cards

How to buy, how to redeem and most importantly, how to spend Frame gift cards...

How do I buy a Frame Gift Card?
Click here, select how much dosh you want on the card and follow the instructions on the confirmation email. Voila!

What can I buy with a Frame Gift Card?
Anything! When you (or the recipient) redeems the Frame Gift Card, their Account will be topped up with the amount as Frame Card credit.

How long do I have to use the Gift Card?
6 months

Where can I redeem the Gift Card?
You will receive an email with the details of your Gift Card purchase and a unique code.

To redeem, first create an account on by clicking here.

Then, visit this link, pop the unique code from the email into the box and voila! Your Frame Card Account will be topped up with credit, ready to use on anything we sell online or in studio.

Please note, Frame Gift Cards are non refundable.