‘Forgot Your Kit’ Kit

Don't Worry, We've Got Your Back...Literally

Did you 'forget your kit?' Not a problem - we've got it covered!

Everyone’s been there. When you rush from work to Frame, more than excited to jump around and sweat your arse off after a stressful day. You head to the changing room, dig into that annoyingly cumbersome tote that you’ve lugged about all day – only to realise that you forgot to pack your leggings!! aghhhhhhh

Never fear, Frame is here… and we have created the ‘forgot your kit’ kit just for moments like these.

For a mere £5, you can hire a top-spec Nike kit consisting of leggings, bra and a vest for the ladies or shorts and t-shirt for the guys out there. You just hand it back to us after your session and we’ll even do your laundry. #winning

Borrow one of our 'forgot your kit' kits and style it out like Isha!