Ashleigh Wilson

Farm girl/tree whisperer

Ashleigh grew up on a farm in South Africa but always had her sights set on the big cty. After training in Classical Ballet, she took the opportunity to follow her dreams in Europe and performed in opera houses and theatres across Germany, Denmark, UK and Russia. Her diversity of passions span from yoga and Pilates to African dance, hip hop and high intensity workouts. She endeavors to impart her knowledge of the mechanics of the body in every class, so that it is a meaningful and educational experience for everyone. She believes life begins at the edge of your comfort zone and is maximized through impeccable habits, self love and human connection. She’s an established vegan and aromatherapist, a curious traveller and self-taught tree whisperer.

If I wasn’t a Dancer I’d be…a spy
My training style is…Meticulous and expansive.
My favourite place in London for a stiff drink…Shoreditch House.