Alex Stone

Pilates and Poetry

Alex describes yoga as ‘a second mother, always there to help and heal whether that was sore knees or a broken heart’. Having witnessed the amazing healing and transformative powers of yoga first hand – when marathon running took its toll on her knees – she decided to become a yoga and reformer Pilates instructor. Alex’s classes are challenging, uplifting and reflective of the many wonderful teachers and styles she has had the luck to experience. Her very carefully chosen soundtracks are designed to enhance the experience. Alex is also a published poet and her thoughts on yoga have been appeared in Yoga Magazine and Elephant Journal. She strives to live inside every moment, experiencing the magic of aliveness in every – single – breath. Expect to step outside your comfort zone, sweat and see fast results.

My training style is…

Yoga, reformer pilates and Qi-Gong

My favourite on the go snack is…


My biggest release is…
Sex and yoga. Best performed together!

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