Reformer Pilates: Arms & Abs

An express, targeted version of our classic Reformer Pilates. By targeting large and small muscles in the upper body this class will sculpt your arms like no other, leaving you feeling long and lean. There will be a strong focus on the core, building strength and stability. Please attend 3 basics classes before joining this class.


1. Toning

By targeting both large and smaller supporting muscle groups, Reformer Pilates tones you up like no other. Want toned arms and a nipped in waist? This class is for you.

2. Lengthening

Because of the extra focus on stretching out your muscles, Reformer Pilates gives you long, lean and toned limbs.

3. Targeted

The 45 minute session is short, sharp and effective designed to target specific muscle groups. The strong focus on your core and upper body will build strength, stability and improve your posture. Perfect for those who work at a desk.

Not suitable for complete beginners, please attend 3 basics classes before joining this class.

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