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    Forgot Your Kit? Introducing Frame Kit Hire Powered by Reebok

    Everyone’s been there. When you rush from work to Frame, more than excited to jump around and sweat your arse off after a stressful day.
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    Frame Academy 101: Go Back to School & Enhance Your CV as Fitness or Yoga Professional

    Whether you're a fitness professional who wants to grow your career by adding to your qualifications or twiddling your thumbs at your desk job counting down until you can hit the mat for your next Vinyasa, we're here to help.
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    Beating the Post-Holiday Blues

    Back from your holidays and lost that rosy glow? Alice and Phanella from step up club share some tips on how to get back into the nine to five.
    post holiday blues step up club
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    Why Getting a Massage Should Be Part of Your Workout Regime

    You might be balancing your running with your Reformer Pilates or taking it down a notch from Cardio Kettlebells with a zen Yin Yoga… You might even be religious about your rest days. But we’re willing to bet you haven’t considered massages as a crucial part of the mix.
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    Announcing Two New Frame Studios!

    Four is company but six is better...
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    Oh heeeeyyyyy, welcome to the Frame August Agenda. Get these dates in your diary sharpish!
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    Behind the Brand with Pepper & Mayne’s Founder Leigh May Evans

    Lest you think we’d have a quiet summer here at Frame while all of you are away on holiday (not jealous at all…), we thought we’d hit you with a new name in the Frame Shop we’re, literally, bending over backwards for: Pepper & Mayne.
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    How to Get Back in the Game

    Been a while? No biggie… Whether you’re ready to get back on it after overcoming injury, a spate of late nights at work or - ideally - endless summer nights of knocking back G&Ts and The Great Italian Pasta Tour of 2017 (Editor’s Note: If this is a thing, LMK) has resulted in a generally more lethargic you, you’re likely a little apprehensive of taking that first step back through the studio door.