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Fri 27.02.2015

Brazilian Prawn Moqueca!

Blogger Phoebe shows us how to make a DELICIOUS Brazilian Prawn Moqueca on a courgette bed…   On Friday night I went to my sisters house for a cooking and cocktail fest! We made a Brazilian dish, Moqueca. Traditionally slow cooked in a terracotta casserole, we opted to make a speedy version which was ready in read more

Thu 26.02.2015

Webinar rerun: the power of belief

Last week I hosted a webinar called “How Thoughts And Beliefs Affect Your Health”. If you missed it first time around, or want to watch the Webinar again, here is a replay of it: http://www.seven-health.com/2015/02/webinar-replay-2/ In the webinar I mention about a promotion I have on at the moment where you can have a free read more

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